Asian Sadism

Apr 29

Mars Taiwanese drama episode 21 clip - Stabbed:

Chen Ling (Vic Zhou) is stabbed by Tong Dao (An Jun Can). His friend finds him and he is rushed to the hospital. Han Qi Luo (Barbie Hsu) stays by his side until he wakes up.

Apr 29

Winter Sonata Korean drama episode 14 clips:

Joonsang (Bae Yongjun) gets hit by a car. Yoojin (Choi Jiwoo) stays by his side in the hospital until he wakes up.

Apr 21

Orthros no Inu Japanese drama episode 9 clip:

The climax scene of the entire drama - when the two brothers Ryuzaki (Takizawa Hideaki) and Aoi (Nishikido Ryo) decide their own fates. One can heal with just a touch, and the other can kill with just a touch. They are both shot by a man who believes no one should have those powers. They decide to use their powers to end their lives together.

Apr 20

Catch A Wave Japanese movie clip:

Taiyo (Miura Haruma) tries to prove himself by surfing during a storm. He unfortunately wipes out. Duke and Julia (Kato Rosa) perform CPR to bring him back to life.

Apr 19

Blind Korean movie clip:

The suspect (Yang Youngjo) pursues Gisub (Yoo Seungho) and hits him on the head with a brick. Sooah (Kim Haneul) and the detective (Jo Hyebong) run across the ambulance taking Gisub to the hospital. Sooah stays with Gisub all night, remembering her dead brother.

Apr 18

Three Brothers episode 27 Lee Joonhyuk cuts:

Just some cuts of my favorite episode of Three Brothers.

Apr 18

Silence Taiwanese drama episode 20 clip 2:

Wei Yi (Vic Zhou) starts feeling sick at a swimming meet. Shen Shen (Park Eunhye) finds him there and shouts his name, the first word she’s said in many years. Wei Yi faints and falls into the pool.

Apr 18

Silence Taiwanese drama episode 20 clip 1:

Wei Yi’s (Vic Zhou) condition worsens and he begins to cough up blood. The doctor comes to his house and tells him that he doesn’t have much time left.

Apr 17

Boku wa Ikiteiku (Kids) Japanese movie clip:

Asato (Koike Teppei) uses his powers of transferring injuries to help the victims of a huge disaster. His friend Takeo (Tamaki Hiroshi) tries to stop him before he kills himself.